Birthday Registry FAQ

Why a Birthday Bin Gift Registry?

girl-812482_1280.jpg Parents, friends and relatives always want to know what they can buy for your child's birthday.  Here's how we make it easy for you and them!


Create a Birthday Bin on our Gift Registry Page.


How do I create a Birthday Bin?

Come into the store a few weeks before the birthday (or other event.)  We will give you a birthday bin. Your child walks around the store, picks out wish list items for their birthday, and places them in the bin that friends and family can shop out of later.  You can create the registry online but we have many more products in the store.


(Tip:  Choose a variety of items at different price levels to ensure there's something that fits everyone’s - from party guests to grandparents - budget.)


We will put your birthday bin full of cool stuff on the shelf where family members, friends and other invitees can select items to purchase. We will email you the list of the items you have selected and give you the url to send to out-of-town family and friends.


What’s so great about the Birthday Bin Gift Registry?


You are doing your guests a favor and making their lives easier.

Parents want to choose the best gift for the birthday child but are frequently at a loss for what to buy.  Or, they end up buying what someone else has already bought or maybe it’s “second best” in terms of brand.  The birthday bin ensures that families can select something that is exactly what your child will love - and you approve of!


You are doing yourself a favor!

A birthday bin can only deliver on your child's expectations if party guests shop out of it - which means letting your guests know it exists. When you do, every purchase made out of your child's bin means Rewards Points for you. (learn more about Reward Points here.) For every $2 spent by your guests on birthday bin items, we give you 1 reward point. (150 reward points = $10 off a future order. So if $100 in birthday gifts are purchased out of your child's bin, you get 50 points).


That means you now have TWO ways to earn rewards points: 1 point for every $1 you spend at Turner Toys & Hobbies, PLUS 1 point for every $2 spent out of your child's birthday bin. And trust us, birthday bin points can add up FAST when your guests know about the bin.


Can friends and family members who live out of the area also purchase items from the bins?

Absolutely! After you leave the store, the elves will create an online registry with the items you selected in the store and email you the url for the registry. Faraway friends and relatives can browse the registry and purchase the gifts.


What happens after the event?

A day or two after your child's party, we will go through their bin and tally what was purchased, add reward  points to your account, and shoot you an email with any items not purchased in your child's bin for your future consideration.


What if if I have to return something?

If you decide to return something, we’ll give you a store credit for anything that is unopened and in re-sellable condition.


What happens to items left in the bin after the event?

We will return the items to the sales floor but we will keep a list of the unpurchased items as a wishlist.


What happens if you run out of registry items?

During our busy Christmas season we may need to remove items from the birthday bins to fill a specific customer request. This will only happen if it is the last one of something and it is specifically requested by a customer (we won’t pull it from the bin just to fill a hole on our shelves).

Any other questions? Give us a call 802 233 6102 or shoot us an email

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