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Turner Toys & Hobbies is THE source for Estes & Fliskit rockets & engines, Science Olympiad kits & supplies, ornithopters, ready to fly planes and airplane kits.  We also have a great selection of kites and boomerangs - for novices and experts alike!


Be sure to check out our "How-To" section.  We've got lots of useful information to help you prepare for competitions, what tools to use & more.  Also a section on model rockets and ornithopters!  Let us know if you'd like to see a how-to article on a flight-related topic!


Balsa Model North American B-25 Mitchell

Fun to build kits for all skill levels from beginner to expert

Balsa Wood

A wide selection of balsa wood for towers, boomilevers and flying projects


Choose from several different boomerangs with different flight distances.

Shoebox R.O.G. Airplane 8-Pack

Helicopter and endurance flying kits for scholastic competitions

Fly higher with our Tan Super Sport Contest Rubber.

Kite Butterfly Swallowtail

Simple diamond kites to two-line stunt kites

Ornithopter Kit Gryphon

Ornithopters are mechanical devices that fly by flapping their wings like birds.

Titan Airplane

Have fun right out of the box!

Battery Winder

Everything you need to get your project off to a flying start