Grip Pins 50 Pack

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Grip Pins - a real necessity! More expensive than T-pins but sharper and much easier to use. These make the job easier, produce better quality work. Two structure sides can be duplicated, one one top of the other with wax paper in between, for symmetric structure precision. Also provides light clamping pressure for setting glue joints at any angle. Use the pin shoulders to hold the work, or pin through a piece of scrap used to press the work to the workboard. Gentle side pressure can be applied to keep joints in place while drying, and cambered ribs can be held vertical with 1 or 2 pins on each side of the rib. 


We suggest using an accurately flat, sufficiently large, soft balsa board, clean, flat heavyweight corrugated boxboard, 2'x2' ceiling tile, or dense insulation foam board as a construction surface for use with these pins. Cover work surface with wax paper to permit easy removal of finished assemblies. Box of 50 pins.


Insider Tip: Use very light pressure on balsa parts and do not pin through balsa on Cruiser or Sorcerer models!



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