Puzzle Mental Aerobics

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Give your puzzle muscles a challenging workout with this award-winning 7 piece tangram puzzle. Includes booklet showing 102 different shapes that can be made from the pieces. Can you make all 102?

Made in Vermont from laser cut hardwood pieces coated with clear urethane. Ages 8 and up.


Recommended by the National Association for Gifted Children.


Awards from Creative Child Seal of Excellence, Parenting for High Potential.



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by David , 02/03/2013

This game is a perennial favorite to pull out for the kids or for grown ups. My daughter thought it was too dull at first, but I just started trying to figure out the shapes, and she wanted to make sure she was smarter than me. Funny. Every time I want her to play I start playing and then she takes over. We also leave it out when company comes. It's fun to see who gets addicted to it. Great fun for the price! and no batteries to run out!

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