Selling to Kids

Selling to Kids

Used to be, commercial enterprises which made or sold things for children under the age of 8 or so sold their products to the parents, who quite reasonably made the choices of what was good or not good for their own kids.
   Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.We continue to read with disgust the trade communications sent to us regarding the marketing of a vast cornucopia of unnecessary clutter to children, using all the intrusive and highly effective technology and psychology developed by the advertizing industry in this century.
   We do not sell directly to young children. We don't make, sell, or approve of toys co-merchandised with mass media events such as films. Such toys have limited play value in the long run, anyway, since the association with well-defined media characters constrains the child's creativity and imagination. 
   This practise has reached a new low, we feel, with the Teletubbies. We could hardly care less about their gender orientation. Infants should absolutely not be watching any television; we believe it has bad consequences developmentally, regardless of content.

   In fact, we think children under the age of 8 should be exposed to very little programmed moving images (TV or movies), and also should not be spending their free time staring at a computer screen. Children need to interact with the complexities of the real world, material, intellectual, and social, with their whole bodies and minds. They need to do the developmental work of generating their own visualizations, not passively absorbing those of some TV or movie director.

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