"Just wanted to let you know that I received the Berg Rally Go-Kart today and to say thank you so much for your excellent customer service.  You provided superb and accurate details regards the product and about shipping costs & timing.

You and your company will most certainly be recommended to many others."



"Thanks for your help today, we had about 11 great launches today.

Hope to buy more engines from you."



"I appreciate doing business with you....you deal in quality goods and very well made hard to find items I see.

Anyway...I thought the note was funny and I like that kind of personal service dealing with people.

I will be ordering more items from you in the future."



"Best service EVER!! I ordered on Monday (a postal holiday) and I received today...... no special service just really good service from you! Thank you so much!"



"We love Turner Toys! You can find so many toys from childhood you don't see in the stores. Check out the site. It's excellent!"



"We are gonna have fun with your toys!!! Thanks!"



"You know when you spend $400 on new tires for your car its no fun. I just spent $90.00 on rockets and am going to spend the day outside with my kids. What could be better?"



"Your airplane kits bring back memories of the days when my brothers (3 of them) were making model airplanes in their youth, working on them every day. Yes, those were the good old days!"



"Thanks so much. Of course we'll keep coming back! Your shop is full of treasures!"



"Will spread the word about your amazing customer service and extraordinary puzzles and more."



"Order arrived in good shape yesterday. Thanks for helping a 78 year old. I'm looking forward to completing the project. Going shopping today for T-pins.

Thank you again for your help."



"I LOVED walking into their shop, and finding so many great educational toys for all ages. I got an unnervingly real-looking 3-D puzzle of a scorpion my son and a shark for his friend. A very cool store. And they carry more things online."



"My husband was very surprised, and very pleased, with the rocket and the kids were intrigued by his knowledge and stories.  my parents were a bit shocked.  they didn't know about him and rockets apparently!  it was a great hit.  And w/o Peter's expert help, I wouldn't have had a clue what to buy.  My son LOVED the Kaleidescope (my daughter was jealous - as expected and anticipated, and that esteemed him greatly!)  And my dad LOVED the Krypt puzzle. Sometimes you just strike gold, and those three items were definitely gold.  Fun."



"The items are just great, and will be of help in my current and future modeling efforts. Thanks for the Fine Service, and  Super Fast Shipping. I am sure I will be needing other items in the future."



"Thanks for the great service on my recent order of Floquil products."



"By the way I really appreciate the level of customer service shown by you and your wife on this order. I know that this is pretty small potatoes but you treated me like I was making a high dollar purchase."







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