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Zap-A-Gap CA Medium Cyanoacrylate Glue (Green)

Products > Flying Toys > Tools & Supplies > Zap-A-Gap CA Medium Cyanoacrylate Glue (Green)

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Now: $7.49
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Zap-A-Gap CA Medium Cyanoacrylate Super Glu (Green) uses a medium thickness formula that fills gaps and allows time for positioning. Works on oily surfaces and can be used to make fillet joints in a two stage process - assemble the pieces, allow to dry then build the fillets to strengthen the joint. 10 to 15 second bond time allows for faster kit assembly than traditional glues or cements.

1 oz bottle has micro tip for gluing in small spaces. Not for use with foam. Keep out of reach of children and follow all label directions. Product has a shelf life of 1 year and must be kept in a cool and dry location. Keep bottle closed when not in use. Its suggested that you purchase Zap Z-7 Debonder for Cyanoacrylate (AC) Glue to clean up spills, remove excess glue and disassemble glued joints.

*Available in other sizes (.25, .5, 2 & 4 ounce) - please send me an email if you'd like a different size and I can give you price and availability.*

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