Spinning Top Trompo Bearing

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Spintastic Trompo Grande' Super-sized spinning tops for ages 9+. 2.5" diam x 3.75" long. Internal rim-weight for more power, longer spin. Trompo Bearing's double ball bearing has greater accuracy, allows long spinning times.


BALL-BEARING TOPS ARE DESIGNED FOR ADVANCED TRICKS such as catching in palm or with string. Not recommended for throwing on ground, or on hard or smooth surfaces. Made in USA. Colors may vary from photo.


Insider Tip: The bearing on this top should feel a little "loose", and be noisy when spinning. Excessive grease in bearing may cause slight binding, affecting performance. If point does not remain stationary when top spins, soak point in turpentine or mineral spirits in a small container that supports top so only tip is submerged. Allow solvent to evaporate before playing.

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