Crazy Aaron Infinite Nebula Thinking Putty


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Gaze into the sparkling effervescence that is Crazy Aaron's Infinite Nebula Cosmic thinking putty! And, if you think it's plenty nifty and beautiful all on its own, just wait until you try the glow charger out on it and flip the lights! It's a whole sky's worth of twinkling stars. The possibilities are endless with Aaron's putty, twist it, stretch it, knead it, bounce it, and Cosmics even glow in the dark! Crazy Aaron's is proudly made in the USA by exceptional individuals challenged with intellectual and physical disabilities. Thinking Putty is Non-toxic and never dries out. Includes 3.2 oz. of putty and 1 glow charger. Glow charger emits UV light, avoid direct eye and skin contact and do not point at pets. Choking hazard, keep away from children under 3 years.
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