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Festival in a Box Draft 1-20-24 5:30pm


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This one time special event will start with a “Rotisserie Draft” of the Booster Packs from the Chaos Grab Bag to determine each players starting three packs.
We will lay out the Chaos Booster Packs in a grid on the table.
One by one, players will choose and take a single Draft Booster.
Once the last player has picked, rather than starting with the first player again, we will “snake” backwards—the last player to choose picks first and players continue in reverse order.
For the last round of this draft we will work our way back down the original order.
When each player has three Draft Boosters in hand we will run the event as we would regularly for any chaos draft.

Prizes: each player will receive a Mystery Booster Convention Edition Booster for participating and one additional Booster for each round won. A random player from the event will win the Relentless Rats Non-Foil Secret Lair Promo at the conclusion of the event. The undefeated winner of the event will win the Dan Frazier's Mox Box Foil Etched Secret Lair Drop (If we have a second pod of drafters the undefeated players from the pod with the lesser tiebreakers will receive 6 different sealed box toppers with a similar retail value to the Mox Box.) Other prizes will be determined based upon attendance.

Please provide the email address associated with your Wizards account (MTG Arena if you use that) in the notes section when you purchase this to help us with registration.
If you have questions, please send us a message on Facebook or give us a call at 802 233-6102