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JU87B Stuka Balsa Model Airplane Kit


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German Stuka JU 87-B 3/4" Scale Model Kit Wingspan: 34.25" For rubber power (included), Gas U-control or Free-Flight. Kit includes die-cut balsa parts, propeller, tissue, realistic plastic details, full-scale diagrams, step-by step directions, landing gear wheels, clear bubble canopy, decal sheets, gas engine firewall, rubber motor and directions for conversion to gas power. For ages 12 up MADE IN USA. Kit marking may vary from markings shown in photos. The German Stuka JU 87 dive bomber was a key part of Germany's blitzkrieg (lightning war) strategy that rolled across Europe at the beginning of WWII. Developed and perfected during the Spanish Civil War, the Stuka was obsolete by the middle of WWII as faster new Allied fighters were introduced. The American Douglas Dauntless and the Stuka were the only mass produced dive bombers of WWII.