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Schmovie Family Game

Looking for a fun party or family game? Schmovie is the hilarious game of made-up movie titles that everyone will love. You're the producer and the other players pitch you titles for your movie. They have two word prompts ''WHO?'' and ''WHAT?''. You choose the one you like best. What would you call an action movie called Play individually or in teams - perfect for both small and large groups. Can be played family-friendly or for adults-only. Award-winning fun! Voted Best Party Game of The Year 2013 and Best Family Game 2015. If you enjoy card and board games like Apples to Apples, Picwits and Balderdash, you'll love Schmovie! Includes: 170 Cards (85 WHAT? cards & 85 WHO? cards) 1 Genre Die 5 Erasable Title Board 5 Erasable Markers 19 Schquid Trophies Rule Sheet, and Unlimited Awesomeness. Ages: 8+