Wall Coaster Extreme Stunt Set


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The Wall Coaster Extreme Stunt Set allow even more complex tracks to be created. Like the Wall Coaster Super Set its components are made of ABS Plastic and can be fastened to the wall using reusable poster adhesive (included). This set adds some special trick pieces that are not available in other sets like 6 foot drop, radical ricochet and race to the finish. Set includes 2 3/4 change ups, 4 half circle zig zags, 1 extra large catcher, 2 three hole crazy circles, 5 4" track, 6 10" track, 10 1" track, 2 6" curvable coaster tubes, 2 coaster bands, 4 lightweight marbles, and a package of reusable, non-marking coaster tack. Ages 4 and up.
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