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Dragonwood Card Game

Hey there adventurer! Do you dare enter the dangerous, mystical forest of Dragonwood? If you do, you will want to collect a party of adventurers to face the fearsome creatures that reside there. Collect Adventurer cards to earn dice to roll against beasts like the Grumpy Troll, actual Fire Ants, and even the legendary Dragons themselves. Gamewright's Dragonwood is a game of Dice and Daring, where only the bravest and most clever will make it out! Do you have what it takes? Kids have fun while learning about strategy and probability. Ages 8 and up. Games last around 20 minutes, and can play 2-4 players. Comes with 108 cards, 6 custom dice, and the rules of play. Imported. Choking hazard, keep away from children under 3 years.