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You're welcome to set up a wishlist for your child. Here's how it works!

In store:

The child can select their favorite items from the store and put them into a basket that's put aside with your child's name on it. Friends and family can come into the store, view the basket, and purchase specific items. They may also choose to purchase a store gift card to be used by the recipient (super helpful for bigger ticket items!) Any remaining items will be saved for the child for 1 week following their birthday.
Please note: we cannot offer this program in November & December 2021 because of inventory restocking challenges.


You can create a wishlist by clicking the "add to wishlist button" that appears below the add to cart section on available products. You'll be able to access this wishlist if you set up an account and share it with family & friends. Unfortunately, we cannot access this information on your behalf. We hope to launch a more integrated system soon!

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