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Hape E0639 Nature Band Rhythm Kit


Introduce your child to the enchanting world of music with Hape's nature-themed percussion instrument set. Crafted with high-quality materials, these child-friendly instruments are designed to withstand hours of joyful play.


  • SENSORY STIMULATION: These percussion toys stimulate the tactile, auditory, and visual senses, offering a multi-sensory experience.
  • DEVELOPING SOCIAL SKILLS: By playing in groups, they learn to cooperate, share, and communicate more effectively. They also learn the importance of teamwork to create harmonious music.
  • IMPROVING SPEECH & LANGUAGE: Rhythmic patterns influence and enhance speech development. Plus songs with repetitive rhythms and patterns help with language retention.
  • MUSIC FOR EVERY AGE: There are different music sheets so children can play solo or in a group. Plus the tunes range in difficulty from simple to more complex to meet the development needs of your child's age.
  • FIVE INSTRUMENTS TO PLAY: This set includes a castanet butterfly, a bee maraca, a firefly bell, a flower xylophone and a frog tambourine.