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My Very Own Rattle


MY VERY OWN Rattle is a safe teether, rattle, and manipulative toy.
It is hand-crafted from a single block of American Rock Maple.
Unlike any other wooden rattle, it is a single piece at all times, not assembled from parts.

The complex textures and shapes and the friendly sound of the rings provide valuable tactile, visual and auditory stimulation.

No finish of any kind is applied to the wood.
There is never a concern about what your baby is putting in his or her mouth beside pure, natural, non-toxic northern Rock Maple hardwood.
Clear package is made from durable, reusable, food-safe PETG. Rattle in factory-sealed package is safe, clean, and ready to use.

For children 5 months to 2 yrs old.
When your baby is starting to push up and crawl, he or she is ready for our Rattle!

Remove ribbon before use!

Available with your choice of ribbon color: Light Pink, White, Mint Green, Light Blue or Light Yellow.