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Balsa Model Fairchild 24

Fairchild 24 Scale Model Kit Easy build-by number construction for ages 10+. 2' Wing Span. Flies with Rubber, Gas, or electric power. Includes die-cut balsa parts, propeller, tissue, full-scale diagrams, step-by step directions, landing gear wire and wheels, decal sheets, gas engine firewall, rubber motor and directions for conversion to electric or .020 gas power. Build-by-number 2-color plan removes all the guesswork. USA. Kit markings and colors may vary from photographs. t tThe Fairchild F-24 was produced from 1931 to 1946 as an economical and easy-to-fly touring aircraft, and became the plane of choice for many Hollywood stars, including Robert Taylor, Tyrone Power, Mary Pickford, and Jimmy Stewart.