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Cocomelon Tonie


Welcome to the world of CoComelon, where JJ and his family live. Join JJ and friends on fun everyday adventures exploring and learning through original and traditional toe-tapping songs!

This Tonie teaches kids about:
- Friendship
- Learning
- Routines

™ & © Moonbug Entertainment



1. Hello Song
2. Wheels on the Bus
3. First Day of School
4. My Name Song
5. Teacher Song
6. ABC Song
7. Shape Song
8. The Colors Song
9. Sharing Song
10. Sorry Excuse Me
11. Looby Loo
12. Train Song
13. Balloon Boat Race
14. Yes Yes Vegetable Song
15. Playdate with Cody
16. Peek A Boo
17. Heads Shoulders Knees Toes
18. Boo Boo Song
19. Doctor Check Up
20. Funny Face Song

Duration: 65 Minutes