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Queendomino Game

Draw domino land tiles and add them to your kingdom! Expand your borders and your tax base, and send your trusty knights out to collect. Use this money wisely to build your domain and win the queen's favor. Watch out for that dragon though! Queendomino is a standalone game expanding on the Kingdomino universe, adding more complex challenges than the base game. It can also be added to the original if you want to play with more players. Box contains an illustrated rule set, 4 starting tiles, 4 3D castles, 48 dominos, 32 building tiles, 8 king meeples, 22 knights, 15 towers, 42 coins, a builders board, a queen meeple, and a dragon meeple. Imported. Ages 8 and up, for 2-4 players, with games lasting ~25 minutes.