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Gund Kai Vanilla Bear


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Kai is a sweet dreamer with their head in the clouds, but they always come down to earth to spend time with friends! Available in 12" and 23" sizes, this cuddly teddy bear has super-soft plush on a modern style with adorably oversized head, embroidered paw pads, and cream-colored muzzle.

Kai's whimsical, playful nature is impossible to hide! With an inquisitive look in his eyes and a big, soft round nose and muzzle, he's perfect for tagging along on playtime adventures, or just melting into with every squishy hug. GUND teddy bears are designed to give the perfect hug, and Kai is no exception - that's why GUND made Kai in multiple sizes and colors! There's also a Kai for every cuddler, with traditional taupe-brown and vanilla options or bright, colorful rainbow and tie-dye patterns to choose from.