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Thames & Kosmos Candy Claw Machine


Step right up and try your luck! Build a working model of the classic arcade claw machine. Cranks, gears, and belts move the claw arm left and right, and forward and back. Hydraulic levers move the arm up and down, and open and close the claw. A spring-loaded trap door shoots the collected candy out. No batteries or electricity are required - it uses only the hand power and the mechanical advantage of the machines built into the device. Choose from three different claw shapes to find the one that works best to pick up a particular candy or prize. Learn how the gears, levers, belt, screws, hydraulics, linkages, cranks, and claws all work together to pick up, move, and drop prizes. Experiment with different gear ratios to speed up or power up the claw. Packed with 10 lollipops and decoys, you can also fill it with whatever small candies, toys, or other small objects you like.

Recommended for ages 6+