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Mini 6 Pin Bowling Set


Children love bowling, which combines the delights of competition with the universal joy of knocking things over and making a big crash! The Kidoozie 6-Pin Bowling Set is a great introduction to the game for children ages 3-6.


This bowling set is designed with the needs of the littlest bowlers in mind: with only six brightly-hued pins, setup is quick and knocking all of the pins down isn't too challenging. The foam rubber ball is small and light enough for a child to lift and roll (or toss), but heavy enough to knock the pins flat; it's also padded to make indoor bowling possible without wrecking your house. The pins are weighted and have a rubber grip at the bottom so that children will find it easy to stand them upright.


The Kidoozie 6-Pin Bowling Set is designed for you as well: it comes packed in a convenient zippered bag, making it easy to travel with, easy to store, and easy to avoid losing pins.


This bowling set is fine for indoor or outdoor use, and makes a great activity for the whole family. Just don't forget to let the kids win every now and then.