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Slackers Soft Single Swing


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Mesh Swing Features

      • Lightweight, adjustable height swing
      • Mesh swing perfect for the backyard to use individually or hang from a play structure with other obstacles (Can also be hung indoors with the right hardware)
      • Can be used with Slackers Swingline or Ninjaline
      • 2 delta carabiners and 2 Grip Clips included
      • Adjustable height: As long as 6 feet
      • Max weight: 250lbs 
      • Ages 3+


Product Description

This lightweight swing is the easiest addition to the kids play structure, or add it to Slackers Swingline for more friends to join in on the swinging fun. The straps are adjustable height to help kids of all sizes swing comfortably. The straps can be extended up to six feet.

The lightweight swing can also be hung from an existing play structure using hanging hardware and/or delta carabiners.

The soft, lightweight mesh material makes it easy to store the swing away as needed.


What's in the box?

      • Package includes:
        • Soft, mesh swing (adjustable in height)
        • Two (2) delta carabiners
        • Two (2) Grip Clips