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Blinger Kids Diamond Collection Starter Kit (Pink Metallic)


Blinger – makes your world sparkle! Simply place a disc with the rhinestones in your blinger tool and you’re ready to go. With just one hand movement, you can attach the shiny stones anywhere. Press your blinger together to attach the great gemstones in your hair, on your clothes, on your mobile phone case, backpack or wherever you want!

The gemstones stay on until they are combed or peeled off, which is very easy without tugging and without leaving any residue. And after removal, the rest of the resin diamond can be repositioned at any time. The starter set contains a blinger clip machine and five inserts with a total of 75 gemstones in different colours, shapes and sizes from 4 mm to 7 mm. Trendy girls from 6 years and young women can make their daily look unique and shine even more. Blinger – load, click – bling! Hair, fashion, every thing!