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Bubble Tree 2 Bottles of Bubbles + One Liter Refill Station


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Use all year around. Bubble Tree Original Refillable system is not just safe for the environment but safe for you too. Get rid of one time use plastic bottles. Reuse! Refill! Recycle and Share! This item features 1 Liter of eco-friendly superior bubble solution and 2 aluminum bottles that can be refilled.



  • 2 pre-filled Bubble Bottles made from 100% recyclable Aluminum that can be refilled
  • 1 liter of Eco-friendly non-toxic superior bubble solution. Enough for up to 8 additional refills 
  • Dispensing refill spout included on back to refill bottles 
  • Custom design wand affixed on all bottle caps • Original Bubble Tree™ patent pending design and systems 
  • Made from sustainable packaging that is 100% recyclable 
  • Includes storage area to store aluminum bottles 
  • Can be used to refill other bubble toys
  • Easy grab handle on back every of box



  • Ages 3+
  • Box dimension 3.82”x10”x5.5” 
  • Bottle height 5.1”
  • Colors and styles may vary
  • Number of bottle of refills based on 4 fl oz.
  • Please refill & reuse aluminum bottles
  • Recycle box, paper made from recycled material
  • Made in USA. Designed and manufactured on American soil
  • Aluminum Bottles are dishwasher safe