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Craft-crush Bracelet Box Kit: Blush


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Fun to make and even more fun to wear, the trendy and stylish bracelets you make yourself in this kit are sure to make a statement. From beads to braiding, this collection has it all, allowing you to show off your crafting skills and your style. Everything you need to create 8 unique and beautiful bracelets is included in this complete package.

  • 80 Plastic Beads
  • 20 Wood Beads
  • 4.2 Yards (3.86 M) Of Faux Suede Cord
  • 24” (.6 M) Of Elastic Cord
  • 5 Yards (4.57 M) Of Polyester Thread
  • 7 Yards (6.4 M) Of Cotton Thread
  • 3 Yards (2.7 ) Of Waxed Cord
  • 25 Metal Rings
  • 1 Wire Triangle
  • 1 Wire Threader
  • Instructions.