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Drip & Swirl Jewelry Design Set


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NO-MESS CRAFT - Say goodbye to messy crafting with the Drip and Swirl Jewelry Design Kit! The included no mess painting tray allows for easy and clean painting, making it a stress-free activity for kids and parents alike.

9 UNIQUE ACTIVITIES - You can create a variety of jewelry pieces to suit your style and personality. From creating statement necklaces to personalized charm bracelets, the Drip and Swirl Jewelry Design Kit offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

LEARN THROUGH PLAY - Learn about color theory and design! The included paints allow you to experiment with different color combinations and design techniques, helping you develop an understanding of color theory and how to create visually appealing jewelry pieces. It's a fun and interactive way to learn about the principles of design while creating something beautiful and unique!

Drip Tray
Drying Rack
6 Skewers
6 Paints
19g Assorted Round Beads
17 Large Beads
18 Chain Links
2 Necklace Closure Sets
11 Jump Rings
3yds Elastic
50 O-Rings
3 Lobster Clasps

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