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Faux Bow


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Calling all Robin-Hood wannabes! With new and improved features, the Lizardite Faux Bow 4.0 Bow and Arrow Set is the latest and greatest practice set for budding archery enthusiasts.

The 32"L user-friendly bow features a roller release and tube reveal on its soft grip. Six 10"L foam-tipped arrows, conveniently attached to the bow, shoot over 100 feet, safely hitting whatever target you create-whether it's a tin can set atop a fence post, or a hand-made bulls-eye target set up in the front yard.

Kids love the fun, vibrant black and lime Lizardite colors that stand out in the field! Parents love that mastering the skill of archery helps increase mental focus and self-discipline, as well as improve eye-hand coordination. So kids-take aim, set your sights, and hit the target!

  • Faux Bow and Arrow Set for budding archers
  • 32"L bow features roller release and tube reveal
  • Soft grip for safe and comfortable drawing
  • Six 10"L foam-tipped arrows attach to bow to carry easily through the field and shoot over 100 feet
  • Cool, vibrant lime and black colors stand out!
  • Ages 8 and up.