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Gund Snuffles Lavender


Snuffles is back with a brand-new pop of purple color! The newest Snuffles is as cuddly, ultra-soft and marshmallowy as ever, with a fun trending new color for this iconic GUND bear. Snuffles is also ...softer than ever in its latest bright lavender hue, designed with ultra-plush fabric and a uniquely curved crescent design that lets him look into your eyes with every hug.

A classic for over 40 years, Snuffles is an all-time GUND favorite teddy bear and has been made in fun formats and sizes ranging from fluffy 5 keychains to classic huggable plush in sizes and colors for everyone. All share this iconic bear's adorable, timeless design, expression, and curved shape to provide a smile and snuggly comfort wherever you might need it.

Snuffles is built to be passed down from generation to generation and features surface-washable construction for hassle-free cleaning that stays soft even after countless kisses, naptime cuddles, and playtime adventures. Appropriate for ages 1 and up. Ships in a protective poly bag.

  • LAVENDER SNUFFLES BEAR: Snuffles, a GUND best-seller for 40 years, is softer than ever and here with a new pop of color! This on-trend teddy bear has bright purple fabric and a unique crescent shape that lets it look into your eyes with every hug.
  • SOFT & HUGGABLE: This adorable teddy bear plush toy features surface-washable construction for easy cleaning and is made from a super-soft, premium material that meets Spin Master's famous GUND quality standards. Snuffles is appropriate for ages 1 and up.