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Hape / Toy

Hape E0124 Happy Hatchlings Wobble Rattles


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Meet the emotive eggs! A set of 3 adorable wobble rattles with different facial expressions. These expressive companions engage babies with their charming smiles, fostering curiosity and playfulness. They invite babies to explore textures, sounds, and facial expressions while enhancing their understanding of emotions and the world around them.


  • LEARN THROUGH SOUND: Immerse your child in a world of learning with Hape's engaging rattle set. These educational toys introduce them to captivating sounds, fostering early sensory development.
  • WOBBLY FUN: These rattles are also wobblers, providing a dynamic element.
  • TEETHERS THAT TEACH: Hape rattles not only soothe teething discomfort but also enhance motor skills, communication, and social interaction, creating well-rounded development for your baby.
  • PLAY ANYWHERE: These versatile rattles are ideal to grab for on-the-go playtime.
  • CHILD-SAFE MATERIALS: This rattle trio is made from child-safe, BPA-free silicone and fasal.