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Hape E1111 Lock & Learn Playboard


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Begin your unlocking adventure with Hape's captivating lock board. Featuring a variety of locks, doors, and secret passages for imaginative play and problem-solving fun.


  • DEVELOPING FINE MOTOR SKILLS: This playboard helps children develop fine motor skills as the locks require precise finger movements to release them.
  • PRACTICING PATIENCE: Some locks might be a bit tricky for young children to open. Children learn to keep trying and not give up easily, helping improve their resilience and determination.
  • TEACHING SAFETY: Above the green door is a signal that slides to say 'Warning' or 'Hello'. A great tool to teach children about strangers and when they should and shouldn't answer the door.
  • FULL OF ACCESSORIES: This toy comes with different latches that can be opened and locked. It also includes a clock with moving hands and a light, plus a pet cat which can be hidden behind any door.
  • EASY TO CARRY: The lock board comes with a handle making it easy to carry.