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Hatchimals Alive


Experience a heartwarming hatch with Hatchimals Alive! With your love and care, these super cute Hatchimals magically come to life in a whole new way. Their self-hatching eggs hatch like real eggs when activated by water! The Hatchimals Alive 1-Pack includes a colorful Hatchimals egg with one character, a bottle and pacifier.

To start hatching, remove the pacifier from the egg, fill the bottle with water and squeeze it into the egg. In seconds, your sweet new friend will start revealing itself, cracking through the egg! Who will you hatch? Use your imagination to create endless pretend play adventures and nurture your Hatchimal. The bottle and pacifier accessories add to your storytelling, the pacifier even fits in your character`s mouth! With 18 Hatchimals Alive characters to collect, add them all to your collection.