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Hattie Black Lab Mini with PJ's


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Hattie the Black Lab PJ Pup plush is a little shy but she's still looking forward to getting together with her friends at this weekend's puppy pajama party! Her vibrant PJs are awash in a tie dye rainbow of beautiful colors and trimmed with pink cuffs. Douglas' sweet natured Labrador puppy has been crafted in only the softest, jet black plush materials and filled with silky polyester fill. The addition of beans within her form create a lovably floppy stuffed animal that's hard to put down once you have her in your hands. Hattie's brown eyes shine with excitement as she looks forward to seeing her pals. Bring home Hattie the Black Lab and throw your very own pajama party, and be sure to keep an eye out for the other puppies from Douglas' endearing PJ Pup trio!