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Highlights Hidden Pictures Space Puzzles

Blast off into space with this Hidden Pictures puzzle book! Featuring over 100 out-of-this-world scenes and more than 1,800 hidden objects to find in Highlights trademark black-and-white puzzles, Space Puzzles is a perfect gift for future astronauts ages 6-12. With illustrations of astronaut activities, wacky aliens, and more otherworldly adventures, kids will love puzzling and giggling their way through this galactic collection.

Can you find the peanut on a planet or spy the banana in orbit? Space Puzzles is sure to please every space-loving child! This 144-page book is great for on-the-go travel (on Earth or outer space!), after-school fun or screen-free entertainment on rainy days.

Each space-themed puzzle is carefully designed to engage and entertain children while honing their concentration skills, visual perception, critical-thinking ability and attention to detail. Finding the hidden objects gives puzzlers a confidence boost, making it great for the entire family.