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Janod Pull Along Snail


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Sammy snail is never worried! This fun wooden snail to walk around with its pretty spring colors will amuse toddlers from 1 year old. The shell turns when you walk it and can be removed to reveal a tambourine and a little xylophone! The snail's antennae are also removable and become sticks to tap on the xylophone and tambourine. This cute little toy will become your baby's favorite companion, introducing him/her to music in a playful way and encouraging him/her to move around. Thanks to its small size, your child will be able to take it everywhere, on holiday or to Uncle and Auntie's. This toy is painted with water-based paint, so your child can put it in his/her mouth in complete safety.

From Juratoys US, for ages 1-3 yrs.

Wood (beech and plywood) Dimensions: 8.1 x 3.5 x 7.9"