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Leap Blue


Easy Rolling: Equipped with 3.1in (80mm) castor wheels and bearings, the riding toy offers smooth and effortless gliding, and the rear drift castor allows for exciting and controlled drifting action.

Ybike Leap is designed for children, encourages outdoor physical activity. It is specifically crafted to entice kids to play and engage in physical movement outdoors.

The versatility of the Ybike Leap aims to cater to the developmental stages of young children, offering them a safe and enjoyable experience.

Riding the Ybike Leap provides an opportunity for children to enjoy fresh air, exercise, and develop their motor skills while having fun outside.


  1. Fun For Kids: Self-propelled roller racing riding toy designed for children ages 4 to 9 years with an adjustable frame of 5.5in (140mm) and a max weight of 165lbs (75kg) to accommodate growth.
  2. Easy To Learn: The removable stabilizing castors make it easy for young children to start riding, while older children can remove them to experience greater speed and agility.
  3. Stay Active: With its durable construction and fun features, the self-propelled roller racing riding toy is an ideal outdoor toy that promotes physical activity, balance, and coordination skills.