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LEGO Creator 31142 Space Roller Coaster


Space fans aged 9+ enjoy an exhilarating trip to an amusement park with this highly detailed LEGO Creator 3in1 Space Roller Coaster (31142) set. The LEGO funfair building toy includes a winding roller coaster track featuring 3 moving carts for fun rides, which zoom past a decorative LEGO space rocket, models of Saturn and Earth, a moon base and a shooting star. There is also a cool meteor in the model kit with a light brick that can be illuminated, plus 5 minifigures.

Kids will be spoilt for choice with 3 different amusement park rides to build in this unique LEGO space set. They can create the Space LEGO Roller Coaster, then rebuild it into a drop tower with an elevator lift or a spinning space merry-go-round. Each set includes a light brick feature that illuminates when activated.

Let the LEGO Builder app guide your child on an easy and intuitive building adventure. They can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track their progress.

The LEGO Roller Coaster measures over 27 cm (10.5 in.) high, 27 cm (10.5 in.) wide and 55 cm (22 in.) deep.

Contains 874 Pieces.

  • Kids can enjoy an out of this world journey with the LEGO Creator 3in1 Space Roller Coaster set, featuring 3 cool LEGO fairground ride models
  • Space fans can choose between 3 different LEGO amusement park rides: Space Roller Coaster, drop tower with an elevator or a spinning merry-go-round
  • The LEGO roller coaster has a track where 3 carts can zoom around; the drop tower has a lift that goes up to the top before falling to the ground
  • To continue the adventure kids can rebuild the set to discover a merry-go-round with a mini LEGO space rocket and space shuttle that quickly rotate
  • The model kit also features a LEGO light brick to illuminate each build; fairground's meteor, shuttle's thrusters and the merry-go-round's cabin