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Mia Tonie


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Meet Mia, the kitten who loves ballet! This sweet collection of stories and songs is wonderful for aspiring ballerinas of all ages.

On her first day at dance class, Mia can’t wait to put on her bouncy pink tutu. There’s only one problem: her tutu is too-too big! It falls down and Mia falls over it with every step. But just as Mia starts to get upset, she meets Ruby—and Mia realizes that no setback is too hard to handle with a good friend by your side.

This tonie teaches kids about:
- Friendship
- Being true to yourself
- Positivity


  1. Mia and the Too Big Tutu
  2. Pretty Pink Fluffy Tutu
  3. Mia and the Dance For Two
  4. Dance for Two
  5. Mia and the Girl with a Twirl
  6. Girl with a Twirl
  7. Mia Jazzes It Up!
  8. Jazz Shoes