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Monster Jam Mini Race Playset


Get ready for face off your favorite Monster Jam mini trucks with the Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset! Race through a wicked wave and into a giant shark head! Are you fast enough to make it through the wave without getting chomped? The playset includes 2 exclusive Monster Jam Mini trucks - Megalodon and Grave Digger!

Monster Jam Mini trucks put the Monster Jam action in the palm of your hand! Each Monster Jam Mini truck is packed with awesome details and graphics, just like its large-scale version! Place the Monster Jam Mini trucks into the launcher. Choose between 3 speeds and launch your Monster Jam mini truck into action! Watch them torpedo through the epic wave and into the chomping Shark head! Compatible with all your favorite official

Monster Jam Mini trucks. Compact and small in size, these 1:87 scale mini monster trucks are ready for epic Monster Jam action! Smash, bash and crash your way through your own Monster Jam course!