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Original Hoberman Sphere

It's the original Hoberman toy - a classic and a favorite of kids and adults everywhere. The Sphere expands and contracts with a magical motion using a combination of geometry, engineering, and beauty. The Hoberman Sphere can be: Thrown Bounced Kicked Spun Rolled Suspended from the ceiling Worn (yes, like a helmet!) We've been told that music teachers and singers love the sphere since they can demonstrate control of breath, inhalation, exhalation. What other ways can you use it? This amazing toy is a tool for teaching and an object of art that is both educational and fun. It's also a great STEAM toy (science, tech, engineering, art, math). Hoberman uses technology and unique designs to inspire children to be creative and inventive. The Sphere expands from 9" to 30" in diameter with a magical motion that amazes everyone that sees it. All Spheres come with a pulley, hardware and instructions to hang as a cool, kinetic mobile an educational booklet about the geometry of the Sphere and a 21 Cool Things to Do activity sheet. Ages 4 and up.