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Schleich Lava Smasher

The Lava Smasher figurine is part of the ELDRADOR® CREATURES theme world and is a worthy foe for the Stone Monster (item no. 70141) and the Ice Giant (item no. 70146) from schleich® (each sold separately).

Volcanologists and “size-mologists” have measured this fiery figurine's dimensions at 9.06” tall, 5.51” wide, and 2.99” thick. Thousands of kids ages 7 and up have added the Lava Smasher toy to their collections, and he melts moms' and dads' hearts with his detailed texture, craftsmanship, and adherence to international safety standards.

In a world of Lava Dragons and Ice Giants, of Stone Monsters and Shadow Panthers, schleich® ELDRADOR® CREATURES is erupting with characters that let your stories run wild. Invite adventure with our rich-in-detail figurines and world-expanding playsets. Every battle-ready brute in the realm of ELDRADOR® CREATURES meets rigorous national and international safety standards. Ignite limitless storytelling with schleich®!