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Shrink Magic Lollipop - DIY Bracelet Kits

Oh, ho, ho, it's magic, you knoooow! Tweens and teens make 4 wearable, shareable candy wrapper bracelets with this cute lollipop-shaped craft kit. It's easy: select a bead strand, choose candy design wrappers, and align them on the beads. Use a hair dryer to apply heat and watch the wrappers magically shrink wrap around the beads! We love that it's a sweet Easter basket stuffer that looks like candy, but is way cooler because it's a craft. Includes 4 beaded bracelet strands, 4 surprise charms, and 60 design wrappers. Available in two styles, each sold separately.

From Make It Real, for ages 8+ yrs.

Watch the Video: