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StoryBots: Beep Tonie


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This tonie invites young audiences to embark on a vibrant and enchanting musical journey alongside the adorable character Beep from the beloved Netflix show Ask the StoryBots. This delightful album features a compilation of captivating songs that entertain, educate, and inspire children in the most delightful way possible.


The album opens with Beep's infectious energy and eagerness to explore. Through a series of catchy tunes, Beep, along with the other StoryBots, immerses listeners in a world of imagination and discovery. Each song is meticulously crafted to engage young minds, creating a seamless blend of entertainment and education.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Animals
  • Numbers
  • Human Body


  1. A Beautiful, Beautiful World (Earth)
  2. We Are The Planets
  3. Triceratops
  4. Stegosaurus
  5. He's A Rhino
  6. Big Brown Boogieing Bear
  7. He's A Zebra
  8. Food Into Energy (Stomach)
  9. Bones In Your Body
  10. Alright, It's White
  11. Let's Wait For Yellow
  12. Everybody Loves Oranges
  13. Love Is Red
  14. The Mulberry Bush
  15. Feelin' Sad And Blue
  16. Grumpy As A Grizzly Bear
  17. The Bear Went Over The Mountain
  18. Rain, Rain, Go Away
  19. Four Seasons
  20. Seconds, Minutes And Hours
  21. Seven Days
  22. Comin' Round The Mountain
  23. Down By The Bay
  24. In An Airplane
  25. Riding On A Train
  26. Workin' On The Railroad
  27. Farmer
  28. Old MacDonald Had A Farm
  29. Hooray for A
  30. Ten Little StoryBots
  31. The More We Get Together

Total Run Time: 34 minutes