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Swimways Coop Hydro Home Run & Smash


America's favorite pastime can now be played in the pool too! Squirt it and smash it! The Homerun Squirt & Smash comes with a foam covered ball and baseball bat for a softer feel! Fill this fun pool toy up by simply placing the top of the bat into the pool and pulling back on the handle. Then, place the ball on top of the bat and push the handle back up to release a stream of water- making the ball fly into the air! *SLAM!* That one's out of the park!

As the ball comes back down, hit it with the bat! Your kids will love trying to hit the ball as it comes back down, getting splashed with water in the process! It's great for both the pool and the backyard! The kids will love the brightly-colored on-trend fabric covers! Colors and styles may vary. Recommended for ages 5+ .