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Taggies Drax Dragon Soft Toy

Welcome to the magical world of Drax, the enchanting green dragon who will capture hearts with his spellbinding presence. With his exquisite details, super-soft fabric and pale green color, Mary Meyers Stuffed Toys' charismatic dragon is a true symbol of beauty and wonder.

  • Dragons are magical, enchanting and popular!
  • Dragon in Mary Meyers Stuffed Toys' Marshmallow Zoo collection is top seller
  • Lots of details like sparkly wings, embroidered trim, different textures
  • Tons of tags for exploring Drax is the perfect companion for adventure and play! Mary Meyers Stuffed Toys' adorable toy is crafted using a combination of sparkly details, 9 Taggies ribbons, and super soft fabrics, making him incredibly cuddly and huggable.
  • 11" tall
  • Sitting body style featuring magical dragon original print
  • Textured foot pads
  • Sparkle wing details
  • Loads of Taggies looped ribbons
  • Beans for weight and floppiness
  • All embroidered face details
  • Machine wash, air dry