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Tenzi Dice Game

What's Tenzi you ask? Tenzi is a fast paced dice game for up to four players (more if you buy an additional set). Easiest variation is for each player to roll their 10 dice at the same time. Each player looks at the dice they have rolled and picks a target number (5 for example) based on what number they have rolled the most of. They then keep all their fives and keep rolling the dice until all 10 dice show 5. Meanwhile the other players are trying to get 10 of their number on their dice. The first player to have all 10 of their number yells Tenzi! Playing a game is faster than reading the last two sentences! Other variations abound including target Tenzi where all players try to get their dice showing the same number or turn it into a math game with the first player to have dice that add up to 50 wins. For ages 7 and up. Imported. Dice color may vary from image.