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Testors 3502 Liquid Cement for Plastic Models


Testors 3502 Liquid Cement for Plastic Models is specially formulated for joining all polystyrene plastics. It also may also repair many common household products made of polystyrene or ABS, acetate, plexiglass and many other plastics. For best results, preassemble parts without cement to insure proper fit. Trim or file where necessary. When cementing painted or plated parts, scrape away paint or plating from surfaces ot be joined. Apply cement sparingly to one surface and press firmly together. Avoid getting cement on finger tips as glue smudged on areas not be joined can't be removed. This product should not be used on clear parts as it will discolor or &ldquocloud up&rdquo clear parts. 1 ounce glass bottle with brush applicator inside bottle lid.