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The Elf on the Shelf Tonie


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Join Scout Elf Zippy and his friends for a magical tour of Santa’s North Pole! We’ll visit the Reindeer Stables, Mrs. Claus’ Sweet Shop, Scout Elf School and many others along the way while we play games, hear jokes and learn to sing and dance just like a Scout Elf! 

Songs and Stories:

  1. Scout Elf Zippy 
  2. Here at the North Pole
  3. Legends and Lore Lab 
  4. Reindeer Stable 
  5. Reindeer Stomp
  6. Snackstravaganza 
  7. Mrs. Claus' Sweet Shop 
  8. Recipe 
  9. Scout Elf School 
  10. Scout Elves Don't Rest
  11. Mail Grotto 
  12. Letters to Santa
  13. Night Before Christmas Intro 
  14. Night Before Christmas Story (Bebop)
  15. Night Before Christmas Song
  16. Clocktower
  17. Christmas is Here
  18. Scout Elf Comedy Club 
  19. Grand Hall 
  20. Boardwalk 
  21. Snowflake Shuffle

Total Run Time: 54 minutes

The Tonie teaches kids about:

  • The three ingredients of Christmas magic
  • Following a recipe 
  • Making new friends

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