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Tracer Racer RC Super Looper Speedway


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High powered, long lasting, and durable, these 'glow streakin' racers include a replaceable, rechargeable lithium polymer battery that keep and hold a charge much longer than their predecessors. The Super Looper Speedway, Blazing Loop Speedway and Super 8 Loop Speedway include 2 cars and controllers, slick blue and grey Glow-in-the-Dark track, true dual lane racing, loops, lane changers, and plenty of racing fun.

Tracer Racers RC utilize Light Trail Technology as they blaze streaks of light on Skullduggery's patented Glow-in-the-Dark track. Each Tracer Racer beams down purple light rays from its undercarriage onto track specially engineered to emit glow remnants long after the racer has passed. This set is perfect for both beginning and advanced race fans as variable speed remote control cars and adjustable track heights allow racers to control course difficulty. This exciting racing set and a dimly lit room is all that is needed to set the darkness ablaze.